With N S no language is a barrier anymore. You can solve all your language complications with our Translation services.  For any Indian language translation or translating one regional language to another, you can contact us. The translators are expertise in their particular category/field of content. If you are someone who wants translation services at affordable rates, N S is the place you are looking for. We bring to you all kinds of translation services.

The process we follow is strictly professional and best in the competitive market. If you want translation in less than 24 hours or in few hours just upload your document here, select the language pair, enter your contact details and we will contact you with translated document.

Or If you have a big quantity of content, contact us and these are the steps we follow for any translation project:

  • Selecting the translator depending on your content niche or category.
  • Sending a 100 word sample to you just to ensure the qualities.
  • We don’t compromise in quality so we also do not compromise in our payment terms. After 50% advance payment we start the translation.
  • Translating the document 100% manually. (No Google, Ofcourse translator is no Shakespeare to know every word, so they use online dictionaries to check the meanings)
  • Our proofreader with 30 years of experience proofread the whole content thrice with it’s team.
  • Finally! Your files are ready.


We provide translation of all the below mentioned categories:

  1. Educational Translations services
  2. Website Translation services
  3. Technical Translation services
  4. Marketing & Advertising Translation services
  5. IT content Translations services
  6. Creative Translations services
  7. Novel Re-writing services
  8. Financial Translations services
  9. Real estate translations services
  10. Legal document translation services

The language Pairs that we provide translation are:

  • English to Hindi Translation
  • English to Marathi Translation
  • English to Gujarati Translation
  • English to Bengali Translation
  • English to Punjabi Translation
  • English to Rajasthani Translation
  • English to Haryanvi Translation
  • English to Oriya Translation
  • English to Tamil Translation
  • English to Telugu Translation
  • English to Kannada Translation
  • English to Assamese Translation
  • English to Malayalam Translation
  • English to Urdu Translation
  • English to Sindhi Translation
  • Hindi to English Translation
  • Marathi to English Translation
  • Gujarati to English Translation
  • Bengali to English Translation
  • Punjabi to English Translation
  • Rajasthani to English Translation
  • Haryanvi to English Translation
  • Oriya to English Translation
  • Tamil to English Translation
  • Telugu to English Translation
  • Kannada to English Translation
  • Assamese to English Translation
  • Malayalam to English Translation
  • Urdu to English Translation
  • Sindhi to English Translation

Our services are not bound to only India we provide foreign language translation services as well, the language pairs are:

  • English to Japanese Translation
  • English to Nepali Translation
  • English to Chinese Translation
  • English to French Translation
  • English to Dutch Translation
  • English to Spanish Translation
  • English to German Translation
  • English to Portugese Translation
  • English to Italian Translation
  • English to Russian Translation
  • English to Arabic Translation
  • British/American English to American/British English Translation
  • English to Korean Translation
  • Japanese to English Translation
  • Nepali to English Translation
  • Chinese to English Translation
  • French to English Translation
  • Dutch to English Translation
  • Spanish to English Translation
  • German to English Translation
  • Portugese to English Translation
  • Italian to English Translation
  • Russian to English Translation
  • Arabic to English Translation
  • Korean to English Translation

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